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Because like a PHOENIX, cancer survivors may, in some form, have been burnt down to ashes and now is their chance to be reborn from those ashes. Starting a new chapter in their lives means it is time to regain the strength they may have lost and work on renewing the energy and stamina needed for every day life. 

As a cancer survivor myself, I understand some of what other survivors have or still may be going through. Each person’s cancer journey is different as to how it has affected each of us. But having someone to help who has been down a similar path is very important.

I will do my best to meet survivors at their own fitness levels and help them to see their own potential. I will give them the tools to empower themselves to reach their own personal goals. 

Cancer does not have to be the end; it can be a chance to be reborn and start a new path.

No matter how may times I break down, there is always a little piece of me that says, ‘No! You’re not done yet. Get back up.’

Are you ready to get back up?

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