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Classes for Cancer Survivors

Program Fundamentals

  • This is a 12 week program to aid in the recovery and health of cancer survivors.

  • The first 2-3 weeks are to build a cardiovascular base.

  • Survivors will start at their own level and I will progress them as they are able.

  • Also in these first few weeks, they will be working on balance and body awareness.

  • Weeks 4-12 will build balance and cardiovascular health while adding in bodyweight and functional free weight exercises.

Session Description

  • The class meets two times a week with each session lasting 60 minutes.
  • Class starts with a 10-15 minute warm-up of cardiovascular exercise.

  • The next 30 minutes will work on strength and functional exercises.

  • Each class finishes with 10-15 minutes of stretching and cool down.

  • Times may change depending on the level and needs of each participant.

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