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My experience (so far) training with Ken Korrell


I can’t possibly say enough GREAT things about Ken Korrell.  As a recent cancer survivor, I was reluctant and embarrassed to get back into a workout routine.   Not only had I let my body turn into a gelatinous mess, but I feared I didn’t have the strength or endurance to begin another workout routine.

From the initial consultation, Ken has been patient, persistent, understanding, kind-hearted and effective with me.  He seems  to know just how far to push in each session to produce results without my feeling fatigued or discouraged.

His sense of humor and intellect make each session fly by, and make me look forward to the next.  As I’ve had some work and health related conflicts, he has been flexible with me—always putting my needs first.

I look forward to a long and healthy client relationship with Ken and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.


Greg Goldfogel

Organizational Development Manager

Numerica Credit Union

"Having trained with Ken for well over a year, I can honestly say that my outlook and overall approach to fitness has completely changed. I worked out on my own for years and considered myself relatively fit and knowledgeable on both cardio and weight lifting exercises. However, after enlisting Ken's services I realized just how much I didn't know!  Ken incorporates traditional  and completely innovative techniques to his training to keep workouts fresh, fun and always challenging. Ken is goal-oriented and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very impressive. This is important as it ensures that exercise is done correctly and minimizes or eliminates the potential for injury. After years of dealing with shoulder issues, Ken was able to cater my workouts to specifically strengthen my shoulder and almost eliminate any discomfort. I would highly recommend Mr. Ken Korrell as a personal trainer to anyone at any fitness level!"

Cory D. Stone

"Ken Korrell is the awesome answer to my years long personal quest to find a local trainer who is knowledgeable, experienced and highly proficient in training a client, like myself, who is rehabbing from an injury and has specific post surgery limitations after cancer treatment.

Previously, I had trained for several years at a franchised, one routine fits all kind of studio.  Young, well meaning, but inexperienced trainers who were not attuned to the needs of a post treatment and surgery breast cancer patient, had inadvertently contributed to injuries to my lower back and shoulder.  

Hurting, I made an appointment with Ken this spring.  Ken was able to quickly assess what muscle groups needed strengthening, and subsequently tailored my individual workouts to this end. Workouts with Ken are creative, innovative and varied.  Did  I mention fun? In each session, he is able to provide enough challenge to enable me to attain real measurable results safely.  Three months later, I am pain free, injury free and strong. Yeah!

Ken is someone who is an encourager, a motivator, and a positive influence in keeping me fit and injury free."

Vickie Abel

"Ken Korrell and Phoenix Training                                                                                                              How an old woman got back on the road to fitness... 

      After many years of dedication to fitness, I fell off my routine, and stayed that way for a long time. I got busy with work and then busier with school, and simply never made the time to exercise. I felt weak, lacked stamina, and thought age was winning the race. Then, I tore my rotator cuff in a freak accident, endured surgery and eight weeks in a sling. Physical therapy during my recovery convinced me that the old saw about using it or losing it was right. I happened to read about Ken Korrell and his training services in the Spokesman-Review, and decided to re-dedicate myself to improving my health and fitness.

       Ken is a kind and capable trainer and businessperson - very passionate about his work and growing his business. He recognized immediately that I lacked confidence in my physical abilities. Ken chooses exercises that are appropriate for my age (61) and fitness level. He mixes them up to keep the workouts fun and challenging. Ken helps me focus on leveraging my strengths and shoring up my weaknesses. I was most concerned about not reinjuring my shoulder and getting my arms to feel equally strong. After just a few months, feel the difference. The little "guns" are making a comeback!

      Like anything, once working out became a habit, it was easy to incorporate into my weekly schedule. Ken gave me a list of simple exercises that do not require equipment, and I am able to do a few every day when I am not training. I work with Ken twice a week. He has a well-equipped and private gym. Ken has been very flexible to schedule times that fit my busy schedule. Thanks to Ken, I am back on the road to fitness, and I plan to keep traveling!"

Jen Ballantyne

"I met Ken in my first exercise class after being diagnosed.  As an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist I was extremely impressed with his knowledge.  I have been very careful in who I would refer my patients to for exercise after their treatments are finished.  Ken showed himself to be both extremely knowledgeable as well as understanding and compassionate regarding my cancer.  I can not recommend Ken high enough as a personal trainer for anyone but especially the person with cancer."

Rob Parker, M.S., P.T., AT.,C., C.O.M.T., O.C.S.

Testimonial for Ken Korrell-from Molly Larsen
     "I first met Ken Korrell during the fall of 2013 at a YMCA Livestrong program.  Ken was one of 3 coaches.  It didn't take long to see that Ken was the most qualified as a personal trainer.  His knowledge of physical fitness also showed as he is an Ironman finisher and very fit.

     Ken is very thoughtful and conscientious as a trainer and as a cancer survivor.  (I am also a cancer survivor.)  He also uses technology with his training and would often explain and show me the anatomy of joints and muscles I had questions about.

     I had additional training with Ken in the spring of 2014 for 12 weeks.  I drove from Pullman to Spokane and it was well worth the 160 miles drive for the excellent training from Ken.

I highly recommend Ken as a trainer."

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