Phoenix Personal Training

Functional Fitness for every day life


        I started Phoenix personal training in January 2014 after several years of personal training in other gyms. I wanted to give people a better experience then they  may have had at other gyms. I help people to build their confidence along with their health. I strive to make exercise enjoyable and not to be thought of as work. People work all day. If you think of exercise as work, you are less likely to want to do it.
         I have had struggles with my health in the past and understand what it is like to have to start over.  At age 34, I was told I had stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. As a cancer survivor, I had to rebuild myself back up after 6 months of Chemo. I understand the fear that people may face of what exercises are safe or even ok to do. So to prove to myself and to others what could be done with the right mindset, I fought back against weakness and fatigue and persevered. Just one month after my last treatment, I started to train again for a childhood dream to do an Ironman. I had been in good shape before treatment, which very much helped me recover more quickly and allowed me to reach my goal of finishing my Ironman. I did just that 18 months after my last Chemo treatment. Now I know not everyone has that kind of a goal, but I wanted to prove with the right mindset you can still do amazing things. After treatment, I went back to school and became a certified personal trainer from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I hold certifications in CPR, First Aid and Blood Born Pathogens. I am also trained as a LIVESTRONG coach. I have taught many different ability levels of clients, from Silver Sneakers classes, Act2 classes with people ranging from 50-96, cancer survivors freshly out of treatment, people competing in Spartan races and everyone in between.
           So whatever your reason for wanting to live a healthier life; I want to help, teach, motivate and empower you to reach your goals. Let me show you a different way to train and to regain your healthy life. 

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